How to turn Apple Music Songs into Ringtones on your iPhone

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The new iPhone models are getting hotter and hotter for all smartphone junkies. Why not make it even cooler with a customized ringtone? How to do it — that’s an easy part. Read on to find out!

How to create ringtones with songs from Apple Music or iTunes

Let’s get right to the business. Follow these easy steps to get yourself the coolest ringtone ever!

Step 1: Download songs you like from iTunes to Apple Music.

Step 2: Convert these songs to MP3.

Step 3: Convert audios from MP3 into the iPhone ringtone format, M4R.

Step 4: Create personalized ringtones right from your iPhone.

Let’s take Windows as an example, but don’t worry, the programs all have a Mac version. Both Windows and Mac users can use this method of making ringtones with songs from Apple Music.

First, download favorite songs from iTunes content.

Find the items you want to download in the My Music content or the playlists, you will get them by clicking on the cloud button to the right of the song name, on the top of the album cover, or to the right the name of the playlist.

Download Music from Apple Music Catalog on Windows

All the songs you downloaded are saved in a folder called iTunes Media – a subfolder named by Apple Music, you can easily find them.

The next step is to convert the music downloaded from Apple Music to an MP3 format file.

All the music downloaded from Apple Music has DRM protection, which prevents you from freely sharing it and is impossible to play in non-Apple devices. So, the only way to use songs from Apple Music is to remove DRM by converting them to formats supported by other devices like your Android and player. Here, we offer you a solution to solve this thorny obstacle: Apple Music Converter is able to help you in converting protected songs.

Apple Music Converter transforms music from Apple Music to more popular formats like MP3, AAC, WAV without losing audio quality. A Windows version and a Mac version are all available to you.

Step 1: Add the music files to Apple Music Converter for Windows.

Click Add to select the music files you want to convert. It will skip an Options window. By pressing Ctrl / Shift, you can select multiple files for conversion at once.

Step 2: Customize output format and output path

Click in “Setting” to customize MP3, AAC, WAV, or FLAC files. Here, to create a ringtone, choose MP3. If you did not change the file destination, all converted files will land in the default folder.

Step 3: Start converting Apple Music songs to MP3 format

Click the CONVERT button. Then, click on the button at the top right to find your output files and check if the conversion is completed correctly.

In three steps, you can remove DRM from Apple Music files and convert Apple Music to MP3 format. After converting, your music files will exceed all restrictions.

Then, transform the songs converted to MP3 to M4R so that they can be played on your Apple device.

To create a tone on your iPhone from songs stored in your Apple Music library, you’ll need to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone in M4R which is playable on your iOS device. Syncios iPhone Ringtone Maker can surely help you to create ringtones.

Syncios iPhone Ringtone Maker is a tool that not only can complete voice conversion and create convenient ringtones on your iPhone but also makes iPhone management easier by expertly syncing/backing up iPhone device data. In addition, it is completely free for all users.

Connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cord, and then start a Syncios iPhone Ringtone Maker. Once connected, the app will automatically identify your iPhone.

You can find the Convert Audio button in the “Common Functions”. Click on Add to choose the MP3 songs to convert > Select the Audio output format by checking the M4R format > Choose the output location tie > Convert, everything will be finished perfectly with these little clicks.

Finally, create free music from Apple Music for iPhone ringtone.

It is also necessary to find Common Functions to find the button of Ringtone Creator where it will skip a window for ringtone creation. Click Add > Choose a file (select the songs that have been converted to M4R format) > Customize the audio by setting the start and end of the ringtone > Select the device for export. After all that, you can save the ringtone on your iPhone or on your computer, it depends on your choice before starting creation.

The ringtones will be located in your iPhone device, Settings > Sound > Ringtones. If you have chosen to create a message ringtone, it will also stay in the message ringtone list on your iPhone.

Does that strike your heart? So feel free to download NoteBurner Apple Music Converter which will help you record Apple Music!

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