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Top 8 Dogs That Shed Least

by Diana Pierce on / News

In this article we will share with you some of the dog breeds that don’t shed as much. If you love pets but are allergic to pet fur, it can be very frustrating to balance your health and still enjoy the unconditional love that these fury animals give us. 

Well having the proper tools to deal with shedding is the first step, but for those to be much more effective, it’s advisable to consider a pet that doesn’t shed. Keep reading to find out more!

Scottish Terrier 

King James of Scotland, President Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Bush all had one. Beloved by royalty, the Scottish terrier is first on this list. Originating from Scotland, this terrier variant is a perfect option for people allergic to pet fur. It is one of the go to hypoallergenic breeds we’d recommend. The dog doesn’t shed much so maintenance is easy. An added advantage is that the dog is small, so it could be ideal for people living in smaller spaces or in the city.


Part of the larger bichon family, this variant originating from Cuba makes a great pet, particularly for people allergic to pet fur. It is hypoallergenic. Known for their charming and happy personalities, Havanese truly is a pleasure. The dog is small in size, weighing just an average of fourteen pounds. This makes them a perfect addition to families living in the city. 

Havanese are very sociable and do well with children. They are very smart and easily trainable, but make sure you start early. With a life expectancy of anywhere between ten to fifteen years, expect this bundle of joy to be in your life for a considerable amount of time!

Portugese WaterDog 

This poodle relative is truly a wonder to behold. It is little surprise that former president Barack Obama had one! Fortunately, they shed much less than your average dog, so they are naturally a great option for people allergic to dog fur and dander. The breed as you most likely deciphered originated from Portugal. As the name suggests, these dogs are adapted for fishing and such love water. 

The have amazing personalities and are known for being calm. They do however need physical activity, preferably swimming, to keep their energy levels well managed. Because of their amazing personalities they also do well with kids!


Probably the most regal dog not just on this list but amongst all dog breeds, the poodle also happens to be an allergy friendly dog. Associated with royalty and class, although these dogs sure are fancy, they’re much more than that though. They’re extremely smart- and they had to be- since they were originally bred as a hunting dog.

The poodle is an active and sociable dog. As such they’re great for families. Poodles come in three sizes the toy (smallest), miniature and standard. This is a great perk since you can choose one that fits your lifestyle and living space

Water Spaniel

Two spaniels fall under this category- the American water spaniel and the Irish water spaniel. Both shed very little, but for the purposes of this article, we’ve provided information on the Irish water spaniel instead. 

Originating from Ireland, the Irish Water Spaniel is quite a rare dog. For those looking for a lap dog, this isn’t it as the dog is very active. After all, it was bred primarily for hunting. That being said, the water spaniel is an intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate dog. It is best left for people with active lifestyles. 

If you have a young family, the water spaniel could still work for you, although you’d need to socialize it from an early age. That being said, the dog’s life expectancy is between ten and twelve years so you’ll have a hypoallergenic companion for at least a decade.

Afghan Hound 

This one really gives the poodle a run for its money. If dogs were ruled by kings, then the Afghan Hound would be royalty. This is not an overstatement for the dog really is royal. This exotic breed from Afghanistan was a must have for our list.

Everything from its looks to its personality screams class and beauty. Oh, and it doesn’t shed much so if you’re allergic to pet fur, one of the most beautiful dogs in the world is available for you!Afghan hound does require grooming twice a week, but that’s a small tradeoff for the honor of having one of these for a companion. They are calm, deliberative and loyal dogs. This quality makes them great with children, so young families will find them a joy to have. Despite being relatively large, they cope very well in small spaces such as apartments.  

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7 Couture Beauty Looks That Defined the Paris Runways

by Diana Pierce on / Beauty, News

It’s impossible to imagine a more appropriate backdrop for full-on fantasy than a snowy Paris. Accordingly, there was a special aura in the air at Paris Couture Week, from the runways (Valentino’s transportive confections brought Céline Dion to tears, while Viktor & Rolf’s brazen message-emblazoned gowns were the stuff of meme dreams) to backstage, where the blood, sweat, and tears of the lead beauty pros translated. The latter yielding some of the most dramatic—as in, plucked from one’s wildest fantasies—beauty moments of recent seasons.

Dior came out swinging with models festooned in shimmering swim caps and punkish Pierrot liner, while Chanel kept the momentum going with 18th-century-inspired updos imbued with ’80s-era glam rock glitz. And, in the spritely spirit of spring, nature-inspired flourishes cropped up in the unlikeliest places throughout the week, from Alexis Mabille’s petal-pressed faces to Valentino’s fluttery, feather-tipped lashes. Here, seven standout hair and makeup takeaways already stoking the imagination.

The Lashes Have It

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