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Morning Sickness Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors

by Diana Pierce on / Health


Morning sickness is actually nausea that happens to pregnant women. But, sure it doesn’t mean the nausea will come only in the morning as it can come at any time either day or night. The question of when does morning sickness start can be varying it can be the first semester or weeks after the conception. Each woman has their own period of time to experience this nausea and sure, it is not all pregnant women also experience it. It is only a large number of them.

And it doesn’t need any treatment although home remedies can also make the woman better. But for the morning sickness symptoms, there are some symptoms you need to know. The nausea can come with and without vomiting. The symptoms of morning sickness are same with nausea but you need to go to a doctor when the vomiting or nausea is severe, you feel dizzy, you vomit blood, your heart races, cannot keep the liquids down and other abnormal nausea feeling.

And for the causes of morning sickness, it is not clear yet. It means there is no research show the causes but it can be caused by hormonal changes of the time of pregnancy that plays the role. And for the vomiting or persistent nausea, it can occur because of medical condition that is not related to the pregnancy just like liver disease and thyroid. And as not all pregnant women experience this nausea as well as the treatment is not needed, actually for pregnant women don’t need to worry about it.

However, there are some risk factors of morning sickness that can occur to any women. The risk factors can be more if you have experience vomiting or nausea from migraines, motion sickness, certain tastes or smells and also exposure the estrogen before pregnancy. If you have experience this nausea from the previous pregnancy, you can also have the risk to experience it for the next pregnancy. For pregnant women with twins or more can also experience this nausea.

It is right that morning sickness doesn’t need any treatment. However, you can also do some home remedies starting by avoiding the smells you don’t like, get relaxed, and take a rest and other comfortable activities you can do. This nausea is not comfortable especially when you are going to sleep or want to start your activities. You can also ask your doctor for the treatments you need.

Description: morning sickness can occur to any pregnant women but not all of them experience this nausea. You can learn the symptoms and causes as above to learn how to treat it.

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Burn Calories Sleeping Can Lose Weight?

by Diana Pierce on / Health

Burn calories sleeping, is it possible? It sounds impossible but it is right that you burn calories when you are sleeping. But it doesn’t mean when you are lying on the bed and awake you can also burn the calories. It happens only when you are sleeping. Burning calories during sleep occurs because your brain is still active even you are sleeping especially in the REM stages. REM or rapid eye movement is when you are in deep sleep. In the REM sleep, your body especially the internal temperature works hard to create heat.

Therefore, in order to get the benefit of burn calories your sleep, you need to get REM sleep. It is not that hard to get in this sleep stage. You can start with creating regular schedule to send massage to your body if it is the time for sleeping. It means, as you have regular schedule when the time to sleep and wake up, it can be easy to get REM sleep. And usually, it reaches 8 hours of night sleep.  If you have the regular schedule, then burn calories sleeping can be easily achieved as you can have REM sleep stage.

So, here, it is not only lying on the bed then you can burn the calories. But you will burn calories sleeping, which means you are in deep sleep or in REM sleep where the brain is still active and even more active than you are awake. And when the brain active highly, it needs fuel. The fuel comes from foods you eat and it is in the form of glucose where it is the basic ingredient that comes in most foods. And this glucose is manufactured continuously during the hours of sleeping.

Just for a description of burn calories sleeping. Person with 150 lb. can burn 63 calories just in one hour. And if he sleeps for about 8 hours, it means he can burn 504 calories. And here, the heavier the person and also the longer he sleeps, it means the more calories he burns. You just need to inform your body when the time to sleep and wake up by setting the sleep schedule or use alarm clock to set it up.

So, you need to get deep sleep or REM sleep to burn the calories. And when you don’t get this sleep stage, burn calories sleeping are not achieved or you don’t burn any calories. Here, REM sleep can be the good way to affect weight loss too. Then, the quality of foods as well as the ability to burn the calories in REM sleep as well as the time you sleep can be the good way to lose more weights.

Description: burn calories sleeping sound impossible but yes it does. You can burn more calories when you are in REM sleep stage as the brain will highly active and it needs fuel from the foods.

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